Camera observation systems
Need surveillance solutions for security monitoring? We can help you with everything from a basic set-up for retailers to a high-level system with remotely controlled cameras, digital – and network video recorders, and remote monitoring, there are also services available anytime for security camera installation atlanta ga that can help in this area as well.

We offer a complete line of analogue and IP cameras from different brands, for every situation (IP bullet, dome and PTZ), for in- and outdoors, and for day and night.
As a home or business owner, you want to know exactly what is taking place on your premises. We can offer you remote access to the cameras so you can conveniently watch the feed on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or other preferred device.
Besides the regular security cameras, we offer thermal imaging cameras from Flir, which function as your eyes at night and in adverse conditions by detecting minute temperature differences. They are also useful in many thermographic applications, such as predictive and preventative machinery maintenance, research and development, industrial test and measurement, gas and fluid leak detection, and scientific analysis.